favorite shop: friedasophie jewelry

I am so obsessed with this Friedasophie Jewelry. Seriously. I used to make jewelry myself (surprise!), so I can say in all honesty that all of these pieced are amazingly crafted. I picked a few of my favorites and put them below.
Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 2.34.03 PMMy favorite thing about her pieces is how perfectly they walk the line between delicate and attention-grabbing, while never veering too far into either territory. Her usage of stones is amazing, too…check out that quartz and aquamarine! She’s got a great eye for design, clearly. Check out all of the jewels above (and more!) at her shop on Etsy, which you can find here.


favorite shop: earthbound trading company

Typically, when I find a shop that I love, I latch onto it, buy a ton, and tell just about everyone how obsessed I am with it, and Earthbound Trading Company is no different. The closest one to my house is about a 20 minute drive, and due to the fact that I grew up (am growing up?) in a town where everything is 10 minutes away at most, I consider that quite a hike. However, for Earthbound Trading Company, I would drive for an hour. Here are my absolute favorite products from them, in no particular order:


Okay, so if I’m being honest, their home section makes me weak in the knees, and I’ve certainly overindulged in this particular category in one of my many trips to their store. My bed is covered in pillows from them, I have all kinds of random things hanging on my walls, my desk is covered in their boxes and trinkets…it’s bad. But after looking at these pictures, I think you’ll understand why.


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