Back for the Summer

Hello! While I’ve used this blog really sparingly and without a lot of passion in the past, I’ve decided it’s time to step things up. I love to write, and I love to share my wisdom (or, let’s get real, random ramblings) with people, so I think this is a perfect platform for me. I’ve learned and gone through a lot after my first year of college, which means I’ve got quite a bit more to chat with everyone about.

Let me know what you’d like to see this summer and beyond, and I’ll take it into consideration when I’m coming up with my blogging lineup. So excited to get to know all of you and chat with you in a blog post format.

As always, thanks for listening!



hot trend: cool neutral leggings

Hi all, happy new year! Finally back home after a month of rapid trips. First LA for the premiere of The Revenant, then Aspen to check out the new home, then to Mexico to sit on the beach in Cancun. The worst part – I had no more than 2 days between trips, so I had no time to unpack. Which means my room is a war zone right now…I have 4 unpacked suitcases in there! (one of which is from my trip home from college).

Since I’ve been back, I’ve been scouring Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and the like for what’s going to be trending in 2016.  Good news – it looks like this is going to be a year full of stylish comfort, because cool and unique leggings are going to be super popular!  Continue reading

crazy town

Hey guys! I haven’t been on in quite a while (duh). I originally intended for this blog to be mostly a collection of items/songs/movies/etc, which is why most of my posts were in list form. While I love this format and plan to keep doing this, I plan to make the blog a bit more personal and talk about things that I want to do and places I want to go. 

Honestly, writing on a blog stresses me out a little bit. I know there aren’t that many of you reading, but wow…the pressure to keep good content is real! I’ll try and make my posts less sporadic, but no promises…I’m super busy currently.

Here’s why I’m busy as of right now: I’m a full-time student. I volunteer (and am hoping to up my hours). I have a daily nannying job. I work as an actress. I’m taking graphic design, photography, and typography classes online. I’m an intern with an interior design firm. I make jewelry and sell it on my etsy shop (you can find it HERE if you have any interest). 

That being said, I understand totally that everyone’s life is crazy. In this day and age there are an unbelievable amount of opportunities to be taken, and trying to do everything can be wholly overwhelming.

So welcome to my new blog, and enjoy as I chronicle my chaotic life and talk about things I like. However, keep in mind that this will be comically multi-faceted…you know things are getting crazy when the author of the blog you’re reading aspires to be an actress who does travel photography when filming on-location, owns a jewelry design company, works in graphic design, designs interiors for clients, and dabbles in forensic psychology. 

the book nook

So I may or may not be obsessed with books (I am), and I love love love talking about them!! Here are a few currently on my bookshelf- comment with any suggestions or thoughts.

Continue reading

summer lovin’

summer lovin'
I’m so, so happy it’s finally warming up in Texas, because that means summer is coming and I get to wear shorts! I’ve also been super into floppy hats as of lately, so I just had to throw one into this outfit. This is a great look for running around town or going shopping with friends.

trend alert: tiny necklaces

Minuscule, dainty charms have been all the rage lately, as they should be; they go with everything, and add a bit of style to even the dullest outfits. It’s a nice break from statement necklaces (which I love as well), because smaller necklaces are easier on the neck (ha!) and you don’t have to worry about taking them off. For example, I have a little necklace that I wear all the time: a tiny little 24kt gold lion pendant that my great grandmother gave me since we’re both Leos. I’ve put together a collection of little necklaces that I hope will appeal to every taste. Let me know if I missed anything!


1. Small Silver Necklace by KendraRenee
2. Small Hamsa Necklace by SeoulLittle
3. Ultramarine Dash Necklace by edor
4. Cirque Gold Disc Necklace by edor
5. Aqua Evil Eye Necklace by Kei Jewelry
6. Tiny Solitaire Necklace by Sevenstarz