Dorm Room Inspo 1: Minimal Chic

I’m passionate about interior design. I worked for an interior designer throughout my senior year of high school, and learned so much from him that I applied in decorating my dorm room for my freshman year. Below is a picture of my half of the room:


I’m obsessed with banana leaves. I painted two large canvases with banana leaves for my dorm room, and I got a banana leaf and flamingo tapestry as well. So, all that to say, this post will have banana leaves in it. Here’s my minimal chic take on dorm room decor:

I drew inspiration for this dorm decor inspo from my personal design likes (terrariums, gold, banana leaves, and clean lines), so my room next year might look quite similar to this! The clean lines of the pillow stripes is soothing to the eye, and the banana leaf tapestry brings green into the room without the need for a real plant, which is not something that’s easy to take care of as a busy college student.

Hope you enjoyed this dorm room decor inspiration post! Let me know what other styles/elements you would like included in future dorm room posts!



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