10 Productive Things to do When You’re Bored


Summer is rolling around, and if you’re like me, you love the freedom and possibility of the season in which school is out, but you get bored easily due to a lack of schedule. While there are a multitude of posts online about things to do when you’re bored that are great, I often find myself wanting to do something productive when I’m bored (this is probably so I can justify my nap habit, to be honest). So, that being said, I’ve put together a list of productive things you can do when you’re bored, be it during this summer, next summer, or any time throughout the year!

1. Get to inbox zero

Inbox zero is a magical concept in which your email inbox is completely empty. While this seems hard to achieve when you’ve got 1,538 unread emails in your inbox, not even including the read emails that are lurking there (I speak from experience), I promise it’s possible. Plus, if you have Gmail, there’s a fun little game you can play to get rid of your emails called, quite originally, The Email Game!

2. Organize your closet

This one is great because it is rewarding organizationally and can also be rewarding in a charitable or financial way! Go through your closet and see what you don’t want to keep anymore, then put all of the giveaways in a few bags. Once you’re done going through it you can either take it to a consignment or resale store, or you can donate it to a charity!

3. Clean your makeup brushes

This is one of those that isn’t quite the most fun to do, but really does need to be done. Cleaning makeup brushes is often not done even close to enough, but it really should be in order to help with health, cleanliness, and even makeup distribution. If you do your makeup even once a week, I can assure you your brushes are screaming out to be cleaned.

4. Sort through your desk drawers

My desk at home is a mess, to put it simply. While I attempted to keep my desk at college somewhat organized so I could use it, my desk at home has become a catchall for anything small enough to fit on it (or in it). To be honest, I don’t think some of the drawers have seen the light of day in at least a year.

5. Learn to do your eyebrows/makeup

This one is super fun and also really useful. Go to YouTube and search for makeup tutorials or eyebrow tutorials and you’ll become knowledgeable in the art of eyebrow shaping and maybe even become a makeup guru.

6. Take an online course of some sort

There are so many online courses these days, free and paid, that you can learn just about  anything. A quick search for your favorite topic or one you want to learn more about and “course” will return a wealth of options for you to choose from. These are a great way to pass the time and really can teach you awesome and marketable skills.

7. Make lists

While this seems somewhat counterproductive (making lists of things to do instead of actually doing them doesn’t exactly scream “getting things done”), there are many more lists than to-do lists. Making lists of things you enjoy can help decide a college or career path, and making lists of things you want to do in life can help get them down on paper and can be the first step in actually doing them.

8. Start a blog

Although I’m a little bit biased, I think blogging is a good usage of time, and there are so many aspects to work on besides content when you’re bored (networking, marketing, research, etc). This reaps pretty tangible benefits – you have writing samples to show potential employers and if your blog takes off it can be financially beneficial as well!

9. Do a workout video/exercise in general

This would usually fall at the bottom of my to-do list since I hate exercising, but I’ve been finding that the Blogilates series (found here) makes working out fun, or at least more fun than just hitting the gym. I’ve also found that playing a fun social sport like tennis is getting me moving more than usual and serves as a decent workout.

10. Learn to code

Code Academy offers coding lessons in 10 different coding languages, completely for free. This is such a useful skill to have nowadays when so much is computer-based. Code Academy also makes it pretty fun – the lessons are interactive and informative. This is one of my favorite things to do when I’m bored.


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