Best Nail Polish Colors (of All Time)

Everybody knows that nails are accessories in their own right – we’ve all seen the insane, incredibly detailed nail art that takes hours upon hours to complete. But it’s important to note that you don’t have to spend a ton of money or time doing fancy nail art that will wow people – a simple polished color can do wonders for a dressy event’s ensemble or even a normal day’s outfit.

While seasons and nail polish trends change, there are the workhorses: bottles of polish that get used over and over again and work in almost every situation. These are hard to come by, but once you find them, they’re simply incredible.

Check out my favorite nail polish colors of all time below…hopefully you’ll find a new favorite!

  1. Fiji by Essie

fiji polish

This color is such a classic. A neutral, baby pink, Fiji will take you to the tropical islands after which it is named. This is perfect for daily wear (this color pairs so well with jeans and a white tee) or a subtle color for a formal event – Fiji can do no wrong.


  1. Virtuoso by Formula X for Sephora


This might be my favorite color on this list. This incredible greige (grey begie) will take you from day to night easily, and compliments so many skin tones. Try Virtuoso and I guarantee you’ll never go back.


  1. Licorice by Essie

essie licorice

Black polish can certainly be polarizing, but not when you have a color as wonderful as Licorice. It’s a black through and through with no weird blue or purple undertones, which is hard to come by. I love a simple black nail for more formal events, although it gives daytime outfits a bit of fun edge as well and sets you apart from the crowd.


  1. Alpine Snow by OPI

alpine snow

If you’ve ever been skiing/snowboarding/in the mountains/lived in an area with snow, you know how pure and sparkling the white of a fresh snow is. Well, OPI has somehow managed to bottle this color, and you can now paint your nails with it. Incredible? I know.


So there you have it, my favorite colors of all time. Try one or all of them and let me know which ones you like!

Did we miss one? Let me know what your favorite nail polish color is in the comment box!





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