10 Free Adult Coloring Pages

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Coloring is making a resurgence from the childhood years, and it’s now totally acceptable (and pretty much trendy) to be an adult colorer. Coloring book pages are popping up all over the internet, some free and some paid. While it’s nice to have so many options, sometimes it can be hard to find the best of the best.

Because I myself love to color and find it super relaxing, I’ve compiled a gallery of 10 of my favorite free coloring pages that you can print and start coloring instantly. Enjoy!




High Top Sneakers for Summer


High tops are such fun, versatile shoes that value comfort AND style. Thankfully, they’re back with a bang this summer, and new styles and designs of high top sneakers have been popping up everywhere. Take a look at some of our favorites below.

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10 Productive Things to do When You’re Bored


Summer is rolling around, and if you’re like me, you love the freedom and possibility of the season in which school is out, but you get bored easily due to a lack of schedule. While there are a multitude of posts online about things to do when you’re bored that are great, I often find myself wanting to do something productive when I’m bored (this is probably so I can justify my nap habit, to be honest). So, that being said, I’ve put together a list of productive things you can do when you’re bored, be it during this summer, next summer, or any time throughout the year!

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There’s nothing I love more than a small necklace – it can add so much to an outfit while still remaining subtle and dainty. While I’ve previously mentioned that I’m a huge gold fan (gold over silver every day!!!!), I’ve included some silver pieces that I found simply too beautiful to not put in this collection of small necklaces.
Enjoy this little collection I’ve put together of dainty necklaces! Let me know which is your favorite in the comments below!




Best Nail Polish Colors (of All Time)

Everybody knows that nails are accessories in their own right – we’ve all seen the insane, incredibly detailed nail art that takes hours upon hours to complete. But it’s important to note that you don’t have to spend a ton of money or time doing fancy nail art that will wow people – a simple polished color can do wonders for a dressy event’s ensemble or even a normal day’s outfit.

While seasons and nail polish trends change, there are the workhorses: bottles of polish that get used over and over again and work in almost every situation. These are hard to come by, but once you find them, they’re simply incredible.

Check out my favorite nail polish colors of all time below…hopefully you’ll find a new favorite!

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Back for the Summer

Hello! While I’ve used this blog really sparingly and without a lot of passion in the past, I’ve decided it’s time to step things up. I love to write, and I love to share my wisdom (or, let’s get real, random ramblings) with people, so I think this is a perfect platform for me. I’ve learned and gone through a lot after my first year of college, which means I’ve got quite a bit more to chat with everyone about.

Let me know what you’d like to see this summer and beyond, and I’ll take it into consideration when I’m coming up with my blogging lineup. So excited to get to know all of you and chat with you in a blog post format.

As always, thanks for listening!