beautiful quotes

I’m obsessed with quotes. Ask anyone who knows me- I quote everyone, all the time. I’m also obsessed with typography. I love fonts more than I love my family*. So, I present to you a clash of two incredible things, and am beyond excited to show you the following beautiful quotes.

beautifulquote15 beautifulquote14 beautifulquote13 beautifulquote12 beautifulquote11 beautifulquote10 beautifulquote9 beautifulquote8 beautifulquote7 beautifulquote6 beautifulquote5 beautifulquote4 beautifulquote3 beautifulquote2 beautifulquote1*that was a joke

p.s.: I want anyone reading this to know that I really, really wanted to find 5 quotes for this post. I found upwards of 30 that just make me giddy with excitement, so I think this will become a regular type of post. Let me know what you think in the comment box!


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